What Are Pharmacy Colleges?

These are graduate schools that train and prepare future pharmacists in how to dispense all types of prescription medications. They focus specifically on teaching students how to understand the processes and mechanisms of action of hundreds of different classifications of physician-prescribed drugs.

Why Enroll In Pharmacy College?:

If you feel you would enjoy a career helping the general public take care of all of their prescription drug requirements, then attending such a college would be an exciting, intelligent decision.

Requirements For Pharmacy College Enrollment:

Successful matriculation in a pharmacy school involves an undergraduate program of sufficient study that includes courses in many pre-medical type subjects, such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biology, physics and advanced mathematics, such as calculus. These courses prepare you for the rigorous scientific study that’s required in a school of pharmacy.

Range Of Pharmacy Colleges Cost

Depending on the nature of the college, whether it’s private or public, costs will range from $11,000-over $38,000. Private schools cost the most. Ivy league schools such as Princeton, Columbia and Harvard are the most expensive of all.

What To Expect In A Pharmacy College?

In such a school, you will have to undertake a demanding process of advanced scientific study. Many courses will have you studying the human body with all of it’s biological, chemical, anatomical and physiological processes and functions. It’s important to secure a very strong undergraduate background in these subject areas to prepare yourself for academic success.

How Long Will It Take To Graduate?

The school involves a four year period of study in which you will pursue the Pharm. D. degree. This degree has replaced the Bachelor’s of Pharmacy degree from past years.

What Types Of Classes Are Involved?

You will have to study and train in courses such as toxicology, bacteriology, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, and advanced mathematics. You will also have to learn how to both write and interpret medical prescriptions as written by a licensed doctor. Once you earn your degree, you will need to pass rigorous written examinations to become licensed in your individual state.

What You Should Consider Before Attending Pharmacy College?

You should seriously consider if you are capable of tackling complex scientific subjects. Also, you need to fairly assess yourself if you have strong interpersonal skill sets, as you will be dealing with heavy social interaction with both your customers and pharmacy staff members.

The Market For Pharmacists

Financial remuneration for a licensed pharmacist averages about $50 per hour, or $100,000 per year. The range overall, according to bls.gov, is between $84,000-$137,00 for pharmacists who work in a retail setting such as an individual pharmacy.

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