Delaware Pharmacy Schools

Many of the top pharmacist schools in Delaware offer a versatile rolling admission program that allows students get a head-start on applying for future terms throughout the course of a preceding term. Like many other pharmacy programs in neighboring states, Delaware pharmacy programs require applicants to have satisfied a list of prerequisites necessary for admission. For most Delaware Schools of Pharmacy, these prerequisites include:

  • Having successfully completed a minimum 2 year course load within an accredited Delaware pharmacy program
  • Having maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average
  • Having completed all pharmacy school admission documents and paid applicable fees

Students looking for a pharmacy school in Delaware are greeted by an array of degrees, certificates, and course choices and opportunities.

Education for a Delaware Pharmacy Degree

Delaware is home to some of the most competent and qualified educators capable of teaching the pharmacy discipline to practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The education received within a pharmacy degree program is accompanied by career development tactics that will integrate learning tools and resources with real-world practices. With the required education, a pharmacist’s career opportunities will expand far beyond that of a traditional pharmacist position. Delaware pharmacy education is always paired with career benefits, and advanced education and training programs.

Degrees from a Delaware College of Pharmacy

As a preparation tool for entrance into one of the many pharmacy programs in Delaware, applicants are encouraged to determine what type of pharmacy degree they are seeking. Both dedication and a love for the field of medicine is need regardless of if the applicant is pursuing an Associates or a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. At the end of a Delaware school of pharmacy degree program, pharmacists will be rewarded with not only a degree in pharmacy, but the ability to serve and better their community and its people.

List of DE Pharmacist Schools

While Delaware does not have its own in-state pharmacy school or pharmacy college, applicants are not stripped of the opportunity to emerge into this career field. Offering both online and traditional education opportunities, the following educational institutions give Delaware students the chance to open up a career in the pharmaceutical science field:

  • Jefferson School of Pharmacy
  • University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
  • Ernest Marion College of Pharmacy

The above named schools offer a long-standing tradition of maturing and cultivating practicing pharmacists, preparing them for challenging positions within the highly competitive world of pharmacy.

Featured Schools

Ashworth College

Penn Foster Career School

The University of Florida

U.S. Career Institute

Ultimate Medical Academy