Kentucky Pharmacy Schools

The success of a Kentucky pharmacy student with a pharmacy degree is far greater than what many would imagine. Kentucky students are offered the opportunity to learn about the pharmacy profession from a distance or in a traditional classroom setting at one of Kentucky’s accredited pharmacy universities. Along with insightful curriculum, many Kentucky pharmacy programs give students the chance to attend programs and events that will further advance their knowledge of the pharmaceutical studies. Based on the principles of serving the community, displaying commitment in all of the pharmaceutical practices and executing quality patient care, the early success of a student in a Kentucky college of pharmacy can be immediately seen.

Trend in Annual Salaries for Kentucky Pharmacists

The average annual salary of a practicing Kentucky pharmacist is fairly close to the national average for pharmacists across the United States. With an average annual salary upward of $60,000, graduates of pharmacist schools in Kentucky can enjoy the likes of a healthy compensation for their commitment to quality pharmaceutical practices an patient care.

  • Kentucky Pharmacist Dha: $75,000
  • Kentucky Pharmacist G: $86,000
  • Kentucky Pharmacist Clinical Specialist: $105,000
  • Kentucky Oncology Pharmacist: $106,000
  • Kentucky Supervisory Pharmacist: $107,000
  • Kentucky Clinical Pharmacist: $113,000
  • Kentucky Pharmacist Manager: $123,000

Accredited Pharmacy Programs in Kentucky

Getting started in one of the most productive and transformational career paths is an easy task for Kentucky students. The state offers a few accredited universities that assist students in the progression of a pharmaceutical degree.  These universities are as follows:

Admission into a Kentucky School of Pharmacy

Admission into most of Kentucky’s pharmacy programs require student applicants to go through a number of application and interview processes. Each stage in the admission process must be completed by a specific deadline and accredited pharmacy programs in Kentucky only have open admission during a certain time of the year. Once an applicant successfully completes all stages of the admission process their file is reviewed and the respective university then decides whether they qualify or do not qualify to become a practicing student in the field of pharmaceutical science.

Kentucky Pre-Pharmacy Coursework

Students enrolled into any of the KY pharmacist schools for pre-pharmacy course work can expect to encounter prerequisite coursework for one or more of the following disciplines:

  • English
  • Microbiology
  • Calculus
  • Human Anatomy
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
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