Mississippi Pharmacy Schools

Advanced pharmaceutical education offered to Mississippi pharmacy majors make up the foundation of most Mississippi pharmacy programs. For years, Mississippi pharmacy graduates have benefited from being in a career field that is constantly evolving and transitioning with bigger and better processes. With the option to study as a pharmacist, pharmacy assistant or pharmacy technician, students at MS pharmacist schools will become a part of on-campus and residency training programs that explore all aspects of the pharmaceutical career field. The flexibility of academics for all programs assists in the strengthening of a student’s interest and longevity in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Pharmacist Schools in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi gives its students the option of applying to one of the recommended university and online pharmacy schools that cater to the needs and expectations of all practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

All students obtaining a Mississippi pharmacy degree are extensively trained in both the hospital and retail pharmacy sectors. Learning under the supervision of trained faculty members will ensure every practicing pharmacist graduates with strong knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences and the opportunities it has to offer.

Annual Earning Potential of Mississippi Pharmacists

The average salary of a pharmacist in Mississippi remains at $131,000. However, depending on the practitioner’s experience and the extent of their education, annual salaries will differ accordingly. As a general idea, the following salaries are average for varying Mississippi pharmacy positions:

  • Mississippi Pharmacist Dha: $98,000
  • Mississippi Pharmacy G: $112,000
  • Mississippi Supervisory Pharmacist: $140,000
  • Mississippi Clinical Hospital Pharmacist: $148,000
  • Mississippi Pharmacist Manager: $161,000

The Mississippi Pharmacist Association

As a student or graduate of a Mississippi School of Pharmacy, the Mississippi Pharmacist Association acts as a leadership resource for the administration, moderation and presentation of pharmacy practices within the state of Mississippi. Membership into the organization will help pharmacists and practicing pharmacists develop appreciation and commitment to a positive career field and viable pharmacy relationships. Lined with a number of conventions, programs and other events that support the academics students received in pharmacy programs in Mississippi, the association works as a continuing education resource for students enrolled into or graduating from a Mississippi college of pharmacy. This supports the responsibilities these practitioners will have while serving in the pharmacy profession and ensuring the quality care of community members and the field of health care.

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