New Hampshire Pharmacy Schools

Becoming a health science professional in New Hampshire comes accompanied with the decision to attend NH pharmacist schools that integrate clinical academics with everyday community health conditions. Health science students and practicing pharmacists are given the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of individuals in their own communities, as well as communities found across the nation. Emerged into a diverse community of health professionals, every practicing pharmacist and pharmacy technician will gain the ability to align their visions as a pharmacy professional with the New Hampshire pharmacy programs that best satisfy them. New Hampshire pharmacy academics are designed to both challenge and stimulate every upcoming health science professional in a manner that qualifies them to become a licensed New Hampshire health professional in the near future.

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science

Although the state shares its New Hampshire College of Pharmacy with Massachusetts, students are not deprived of the learning or experiences they deserve as an aspiring pharmacy professional. The Massachusetts College of pharmacy and health science affords upcoming health care practitioners in New Hampshire the ability to earn their pharmacy degree and begin work in the versatile, ever-changing field of pharmacy. The pairing of a vision for success and the commitment to train honorable pharmacy professionals allows Massachusetts College to impact future health care leaders in countless ways. The school offers innovative technologies and training that other pharmacist schools in New Hampshire would be unable to provide.

Admission into Pharmacy Programs in New Hampshire

The admission into a New Hampshire pharmacy program is offered at the following capacities:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Post-baccalaureate
  • Transfer
  • International

All student types are given equal opportunity to continue their pharmaceutical studies at the Massachusetts College if they have successfully completed an accredited two year or four year pre-pharmacy program. From a student’s initial application to their graduation walk, the diverse culture, community and curriculum of the Massachusetts College will see to it that every pharmacy practitioner moves on to be highly knowledgeable in their field.

Organizations for New Hampshire Pharmacists

The New Hampshire school of pharmacy believes in leaving no stones unturned. The college extends a number of opportunities for practicing pharmacists to become a part of an organization or club that will assist them in their journey of transitioning their personal and professional goals. These organizations present programs and events designed to further the education and knowledge of both practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Featured Schools

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U.S. Career Institute

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