Virginia Pharmacy Schools

Aspiring pharmacy professionals can inquire about the many pharmacy degree programs a Virginia pharmacy school has to offer either online or in-person. Virginia is home to one of the top rated pharmacy schools in the United States and works to maintain that recognition with constant developments in the resources and learning environments extended to upcoming professionals. The medicinal education and research-based practices a student comes in contact with are designed to help mold them into a pharmacy practitioner that challenges the normal boundaries of the pharmaceutical studies. Pharmacist schools in Virginia integrate a compounding academic discipline that recognizes the use of experimental education as a driving resource. Multiple aspects of pharmacy are addressed in a Virginia school of pharmacy and are offered in the following degrees:

VA Pharmacist Schools with Accredited Pharmacy Programs

The selection of pharmacy schools in Virginia gives students in different parts of the state the opportunity to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree at their own pace. Students can engage in studies either online or on campus. A total of four schools offered accredited pharmacy programs in Virginia:

Annual Salaries for Pharmacy Graduates

Pharmacy programs in Virginia open up the opportunity for graduates to enter into a versatile career field that renders increasing salary potential. Experimental education paired with developing academic practices ensures licensed pharmacists are compensated according to their knowledge and commitment to the field:

  • Average Lower 90%: $96,000
  • Average Lower 75%: $101,000
  • Average Median: $106,000
  • Average Upper 25%: $112,000
  • Average Upper 10%: $117,000

Advanced Virginia pharmacy programs stand firm in training for patient-centered care, research-based disciplines and a student’s participation in research scholarship. Every single student that successfully completes a Virginia pharmacy school program becomes eligible to expand on their studies through continued education programs. These active research programs go hand-in-hand with the residency programs a student endures while attending a Virginia pharmacy school as a practicing pharmacy professional. There are a spectrum of activities associated with the developmental growth and maturation of a pharmacy practitioner. These outstanding opportunities are extended to satisfy the needs, expectations and desires of qualified pharmacy professionals who have completed a required pre-pharmacy program at an accredited pharmacy school.

Featured Schools

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The University of Florida

U.S. Career Institute

Ultimate Medical Academy